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The Polk County Auditor is the official source for parcel data.  Please contact us if you find unauthorized distribution of a Polk County dataset.  No outside agency has permission to distribute the Auditor's dataset.  If you have been given authorization to use the Polk County data in a website the following text should be predominantly displayed "Courtesy of Polk County Auditor Jamie Fitzgerald"

These maps do not represent a professional survey. The mapping data has been abstracted to only contain the information required for local government purposes. The maps are compiled from official records (including plats, surveys and recorded deeds), but they may contain compilation errors not on the original documents.  YOU SHOULD ALWAYS USE THE ORIGINAL RECORDED DOCUMENTS TO ANSWER LEGAL AND SURVEY QUESTIONS. No liability (either expressed or implied) for the accuracy of the data delineated herein is assumed by Polk County, the Polk County auditor, or their employees. The Polk County data is provided for demonstration purposes only and may not be distributed without prior written permission from the Polk County Auditor's Office.

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